Reaching Out – Community Service Grant

What is it?   A financial grant to a maximum of $200 per lessons

Purpose:  To assist children who would not otherwise participate in developing talents and life long interests because of a family’s financial situation.

Rationale:  Children who belong to organizations or who take lessons to develop interests/talents develop competencies which become assets in assisting them as they grow.  Those who do not develop assets are often at risk of withdrawing from community activities and become susceptible to dysfunctional behaviors.

Reaching Out is targeted at developing positive assets in our young people.

Target Demographics:  Students living in St. Albert.

Funds Provided:  To financially assist families living in St. Albert with children who are not participating in any extra-curricular activities, lessons or other group interests.

Adjudicators:  The St. Albert Rotary Club (Community Services) is the sponsor and will provide registration, group fees or lesson fees (only) directly to the organization providing the lesson or activity.  The parents are responsible for insuring their child attends the activity.

Teachers/councilors are expected to:

  1. Complete the Student Interest Profile document with the student to review the student’s needs.
  2. Please email a copy of the Student Interest Profile document to Community Service Chair, Wayne McCutcheon at
  3. Fill out the Reaching Out online Application .