International Services

Some of the projects we have done for 2012-13 include:

  • Wheel chairs for the Dominican Republic
  • Fiji bus shelters
  • Ghana Hospitals Project Africa
  • LoSeCa Rafiki project
  • APU Malawi Girls School
  • Rainbow Futures School in Ethiopia

The purpose of the IS segment is to provide monetary assistance to worthwhile and sustainable international projects that are not able to receive government funding.

The International Services Committee is comprised of a chairperson and 5-12 Rotary members. We look for projects that are well managed with good leadership, and that are sustainable rather than a one-time handout. We prefer that groups partner (or communicate) with the local international Rotary chapter within the region in which the project is located. This helps ensure the funds are properly dispersed and there is a local presence to assist the group if needed.