St. Albert Rotary Club - January Club Assembly 2020/21 (3 of 4)
When: January 21, 2020 at 7:00 PM Edmonton 
You are invited to a Zoom meeting & may invite others (let us know who so we don't remove them)
Meeting ID:  846 9030 7293
Meeting Password: 052533
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What's a club assembly?

A club assembly is a meeting of all club members, including officers, directors, and committee chairs. Club assemblies are an opportunity to discuss your club’s programs and activities and educate members. New members particularly should be encouraged to attend club assemblies to learn more about the workings of your club. Regular club assemblies that include all members and ensure clear communication between club leaders and club members.
Club assemblies allow club members to:
  • Review goals and action plans
  • Coordinate committee activities
  • Understand how the club’s action plans are being implemented
  • Participate in informal discussions that stimulate creative solutions
  • Learn about Rotary and its programs
  • Discuss your club’s strengths and opportunities for improvement
Relevant topics for discussion include:
  • Service projects and club activities
  • Membership growth and retention strategies
  • District and RI meetings
  • Rotary programs
  • Any topic raised in an open forum
Four to six club assemblies during the year may be the most effective number. Many clubs hold monthly assemblies.
Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate!