Posted on Jul 15, 2019
St. Albert Rotary Club - Breakfast Meeting
Date: Friday July 19th, 2019    
For this week's meeting, the following duties have been assigned below in Meeting Responsibilities.  If you are unable to attend to these, please make arrangements for your replacement through Clubrunner Directory.  The full Duty Roster list is saved in Clubrunner "View Club Documents" should you wish to check ahead.
The Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country Club: 7AM Coffee & 7:15 Start
Guest Speaker Introduction: 
Guest Speaker: Ann Ramsden - Club Assembly
All chairs will be giving their elevator speech on their committee roles & some past works.  Members will sign up for their committees today (chairs - bring a sign up board/sheet).
Chairs will also be required to submit their annual budget to the President & Treasurer, so it can be presented & approved at the next executive meeting (TBD July).  As per our bylaws, any expenditures over $2000, not already approved in the 19-20 budget, will have to be voted at a general membership meeting for approval (hence why you want to get those budgets in for every committee!).


Inbound Exchange Student: TBA

Outbound Exchange Student: Zoe Brygidyr 

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